by Olga  

The Russian word for cake is торт. I am the one to prepare all desserts for family gatherings because I love to cook and I always make all my deserts from scratch, making sure to use the freshest ingredients. I find that people generally love my desserts and I feel very lucky and fortunate to have people to cook for.

It was a few days prior to my sister’s birthday and I decided to make her a birthday cake. She absolutely adores chocolate cake шоколадный торт so I decided that would be the best one to make. I was so excited to make this cake for her that I decided to call her and say «Я делаю тебе торт, но я не скажу какой!» “I am making you a cake but I will not tell you what kind!”. My sister became very excited on the phone because she knows that I always make yummy cakes. I worked on the cake for several days and was very excited to present it at the birthday.

Just before leaving for my sister’s birthday party, I carefully placed the beautiful creation in a protective dome and set it flat inside the vehicle. As I was driving, the car in front of me came to a quick stop and I slammed on my brakes. I immediately turned to see if my cake was okay and to my disappointment, I saw that the beautiful design on the side of the cake had been smashed during the impact. The cake was damaged and I was crushed inside even more than the cake. I felt my body temperature rising as I began yelling at the guy in front of me «Ты идиот! Ты испортил мой торт! Смотри, куда ты едешь!» “You idiot! You ruined my cake! Watch where you’re going!”. I wanted everything to be perfect for my sister and now I had to present her with a broken cake. I was so upset that tears just started to run down my face and I wanted to get out of my car and hit ударить the guy who had ruined my sister’s birthday cake. When I arrived, I showed my sister the ruined cake and to my surprise, she began laughing and saying «Не волнуйся! Этот торт удивительный!» “Don’t worry! This cake is wonderful!”. "I truly have a wonderful sister!" «У меня действительно удивительная сестра».

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