Который час? Сколько времени? (половина седьмого)

by Don  

One way to say that it is half past the hour is to use the word for half which is половина. Since the hour between 12:00 and 1:00 is considered the first hour, 12:30 is половина первого. You will notice that первого is in the genitve case. That's because there is an implied часа after it. That is, you are implying that the time is “half of the first hour.” 1:30 is «половина второго» “half of the second (hour)”. Here is a complete listing of times on the half hour as expressed with половина.

Сейчас половина первого.It is now half past twelve.
Сейчас половина второго.It is now half past one.
Сейчас половина третьего.It is now half past two.
Сейчас половина четвёртого.It is now half past three.
Сейчас половина пятого.It is now half past four.
Сейчас половина шестого.It is now half past five.
Сейчас половина седьмого.It is now half past six.
Сейчас половина восьмого.It is now half past seven.
Сейчас половина девятого.It is now half past eight.
Сейчас половина десятого.It is now half past nine.
Сейчас половина одиннадцатого.It is now half past ten.
Сейчас половина двенадцатого.It is now half past eleven.

There is also an abbreviated way of saying the same thing where «пол» a morpheme meaning “half,” combines with the genitive ordinal number to make a single word that indicates half past the hour. That's right: Russian has a single word that means “one thirty,” and another one that means “two thirty,” etc. Here's a complete listing.

Сейчас полпервого.It is half past twelve.
Сейчас полвторого.It is half past one.
Сейчас полтретьего.It is half past two.
Сейчас полчетвёртого.It is half past three.
Сейчас полпятого.It is half past four.
Сейчас полшестого.It is half past five.
Сейчас полседьмого.It is half past six.
Сейчас полвосьмого.It is half past seven.
Сейчас полдевятого.It is half past eight.
Сейчас полдесятого.It is half past nine.
Сейчас пол-одиннадцатого.It is half past ten.
Сейчас полдвенадцатого.It is half past eleven.

Other entries dealing with time are soon to come. Look for them under the categories "Time phrases" and "What time is it" and "At what time."

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