Кого рвать?

by Don  

Warning! This entry discusses a biologically unpleasant verb, and then addresses vulgar versions of that word.

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Comment from: Don [Member]


Thanks for noticing the typo. It has been corrected. I haven’t yet encountered выблёвывать in person, though theoretically it would be frequentative form of the verb. Oh, «об этом пауке» would be the prepositional form.

All the best, Don.

11/17/08 @ 12:01
Comment from: Martin [Visitor]

Когда я читал об этом пауку и представил себе такую ситуацию, я почти блеванул :-)
(hope the sentence was correct)
Anyway my question is: There were presented only forms of word ‘блевать’ but nothing with ‘блёвывать’. I don’t understand when and how to use latter or what is the difference between them. Could someone explain it to me please?

BTW there is a small error in the text. I believe that author ment to write ‘выблёвывать’ instead of ‘выблёвы_ать’.

11/17/08 @ 10:33

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