Category: "Situation update"


July 19th, 2012

There has been an assassination attempt in Kazan against mufti Ildus Faizov; last I knew he has survived. Earlier in the day Valiulla Yakopuv was gunned down. It’s simply horrifying. What kind of people can do this kind of thing? The Muslims of Tatarstan are a kind and peaceful people. Faizov had in the past spoken out against violence advocated by extremists. I suspect when the assailants are found they will be neither Russians nor Tatars.

The streets of Kazan are completely calm as far as I can see. Generally speaking the Christians and Muslims of Kazan are at peace with each other; there hasn’t been any significant dissonance for decades. I see no threat to foreigners in general. I myself intend to stay here, and I feel perfectly safe.

Still, this is a sad day for the human race. I believe that truth is more important than anything. If we allow each other time, then truth will assuredly win out. When we resort to violence, then we show that we are cowards who do not truly believe what we say we believe.