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In response to: Upgrade progress

Comment from: Bernard Cross [Visitor]  

Q marks instead of Cyrillic using Internet Explorer, but OK with Mozilla Firefox

01/04/15 @ 07:53

In response to: Upgrade progress

Comment from: Ben [Visitor]

Yep, question marks!!
Windows 8.1 + Firefox


12/07/14 @ 05:09

In response to: Год (часть первая)

Comment from: Onions [Visitor]  

‘Americans read a year like 2012 as “two thousand twelve” or “twenty twelve,” whereas the Russians say literally the “two thousands twelfth year,” which comes out:

две тысячи девятьсот девяносто двенадцатый год’

…which means ‘two thousand nine hundred ninety twelfth year’ !!!
2012 = две тысячи двеннадцатый!
You spelled it correctly in the following sentence :)

Don responds: Thanks! Typo corrected.

11/27/14 @ 02:06

In response to: Upgrade progress

Comment from: julia [Visitor]

I can only see question marks instead of cyrillic letters.
I’m using Windows 7, Firefox

11/25/14 @ 13:22

In response to: Рыло

Comment from: Sarahjane [Visitor]  

I heard this word for the first time last week here in Moscow. The ex[ression was something like, “не суй своё рыло, куда тебя не просят!” Fortunately said by a friend in jest. :)

11/25/14 @ 04:55

In response to: Upgrade progress

Comment from: Clifton [Visitor]

RWOTD ?? ???????? ??? ????
On a blackberry playbook I still see only??????????

11/22/14 @ 08:41

In response to: Упорство

Comment from: Richard [Visitor]


Вот видео, которым Вы и ваша подруга могли бы наслаждаться.

Жизнь может быть хорошей или плохой, обычно оба, и упорство важно! Я тоже очень рад, что ваша подруга выбрала упорство!

I learned a new word today in your post, so thank you! I think I resemble the guy in your first sample sentence. I have no real talent for languages but I just keep plugging away at Russian and one day I’ll be fluent!


11/21/14 @ 15:19

In response to: Upgrade progress

Comment from: ALEX [Visitor]  

DAAAAAAAAAAA………..ONLY ????????????? I CAN SEE(((((((((((((((((((

11/20/14 @ 18:28

In response to: Угол, часть вторая

Comment from: karen mulhern [Visitor]

thank you for these easy understand lessons in vocabulary and grammar. Very helpful!

11/20/14 @ 12:22

In response to: Сон

Comment from: Richard [Visitor]

Some people believe that Gogol’s story “Нос” ("The Nose") was meant as a dream - “Сон". Whether Gogol meant it to be taken as a dream or not, it’s a great tale!

11/20/14 @ 07:16

In response to: Коса

Comment from: Mikhail [Visitor]  

“Коса” is also a word for spit (long, narrow peninsula). Also, in geophysics we use this word for an array of hydrophones, floating behind the seismic surveyor ship.

11/19/14 @ 03:45

In response to: Держать язык за зубами

Comment from: Larry [Visitor]

been trying to learn Russia for a while, this helps, just wish it had audio to help with pronunciation.

11/16/14 @ 11:51

In response to: Upgrade progress

Comment from: A. [Visitor]

I do not see Russian texts, but only question marks:

? ????? ???????? ????? ?? ????? ????? ??????? ? ???????. I saw a big walrus on my trip to the Arctic.

10/31/14 @ 15:17

In response to: Бумажник

Comment from: marguerite [Visitor]  

I need to hear the word.

10/25/14 @ 07:49

In response to: Upgrade progress

Comment from: Pier [Visitor]  

Yes, the usual questions marks instead of Russian
Cyrillic characters.
I’m using a PC, Windows 7 64bit, Google chrome.

10/24/14 @ 13:34

In response to: Белка

Comment from: Richard [Visitor]

Это интересное видео о Белки и Стрелки на Би-Би-Си:

10/18/14 @ 14:32

In response to: Кирпич, часть вторая

Comment from: Liz WiId [Visitor]

Love your blog. Thanks for putting it out there for us.

Minor quibble: “exaggerating” has two ‘g’s’ … one ‘r’.

Don responds: Thanks! Typo corrected.

10/15/14 @ 11:53

In response to: Морж

Comment from: Richard [Visitor]

Hm, my dictionary says that моржи can also refer to people who take cold-water plunges in winter. In North America we call these polar bear swimmers. In Canada polar bear plunges are very popular, especially on New Year’s Day.

10/14/14 @ 12:42

In response to: Upgrade progress

Comment from: Claudia Furlan [Visitor]

the same problem to me, kak jal!
I’m using Mac Book pro, Safari Versione 6.1.6 (7537.78.2)
Please please try to fix it

10/13/14 @ 02:16

In response to: Вишня

Comment from: Shady_arc [Visitor]

I’d say the most typical expression for suits is “малиновый пиджак” (crimson jacket). In early 90s New Russians were famous for wearing these. However, in the late 90s it has already become bad taste in clothing, so, in reality, I have never seen one. “Вишнёвый костюм” does not sound familiar.

That’s why it is important to know them as “малиновые пиджаки” since they only exist in jokes now. Not for long, probably.

10/10/14 @ 03:16