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March 30th, 2009
The Russian word for blog is блог. What exactly is a blog? describes it like this: Блог — это веб-сайт, основное содержимое которого — регулярно добавляемые записи, изображения или мультимедиа. Для блогов характерны недлинные… more »

ЗЫ, винт, смайлик, собака

January 21st, 2009
One of the great things about the internet is that it's really easy to access Russian language materials nowadays. One of the most amazing sites is I'm not quite sure why, but livejournal quickly became a major center of Russian… more »


October 20th, 2008
The Russian word for website is сайт as in «Мы с Зоей познакомились на сайте знакомств, и через шесть месяцев мы поженимся!» "Zoya and I met on a dating site, and in six months we are getting married!" There are several ways you can tell someone to go… more »

В интернете

September 11th, 2008
The other day I committed a linguistic sin in an e-mail and wrote that I had read something на вебе "on the web." I was immediately shot down like a clay pigeon at an NRA convention. "We don't say на вебе." Actually, you do say it sometimes: I first… more »