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Comment from: Randy [Visitor]  

Awesome work on the poem! Seeing an example of a literal and artistic translation like that was quite interesting. Thanks for posting all of your RWOTD entries… but this one was particularly awesome!!!

Don’s response: thanks for the kind words!

12/23/08 @ 11:30
Comment from: Lee Croft [Visitor]
Lee Croft

Very fine discussion of the THREE types/purposes of translation. I, of course, have long favored the effort to preserve the FORM in poetic translation, and you have done it very well here, while transmitting appropriately the “emotional content.” I was surprised you hadn’t heard of Barto…but to the translation I say “Bravo.” Seen the sites www.stihi.ru where Tatyana Dhaliwal is a large figure or www.CATranslation.org which solicits contributions?

12/27/08 @ 10:10
Comment from: Eugene Azarenko [Visitor]
Eugene Azarenko

Great work! It is very difficult to translate fiction and poems in particular… There is an opinion among translators that it is almost impossible to translate correctly tales, stories and poems conveying not only the plot, but the spirit, true voice of the foreign language… For example, it’s impossible to translate Mark Twain’s “Tom Sawyer” in Russian or “Evenings near village Dikanka” by Nikolai Gogol in English.

12/03/09 @ 02:53
Comment from: anonymous [Visitor]

You’ve preserved the overall meaning, but at the cost of raising the reading level somewhat. It isn’t really a simple singsong poem for small children anymore. Maybe it’s just impossible to reproduce the compact flavor of the Russian in a language with a very different grammar.

Here’s a drastically oversimplified version:

In snowy ground
a fir tree stood
Wolves prowled around
the neighborhood

Some bunnies walked
one quiet night
They got a shock:
a wolf in sight!

Get eaten up?
Oh no, not me!
They all jumped up
into the tree

Clever bunnies found salvation
hung like Christmas decorations

The wolf was fooled
All he could see
was a bejeweled
fir Christmas tree

Don responds: Nicely done!

12/18/10 @ 13:20