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Comment from: Sahyd_arc [Visitor]
"Я вчера водил своих девушек на престижную дискотеку. Ахти, как им там понравилось!" → "Ахти" should not be used here. First, it has a negative connotation "alas". Second, it is downright archaic and used only in "не ахти как"(~"not really good").

"И как им там понравилось!" would work just fine.

Don responds: Sahyd, thanks for your comment. I've decided to change the ахти to вау, which I've heard from the lips of a 22-year old kid who always seems to have beautiful girls around him. He originally inspired the sentence. Like many twenty-somethings (and thousands of Muscovites) he occasionally throws in anglicisms. BTW, I enjoyed the discusion of вау and other interjections here.
02/28/14 @ 02:12

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