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Comment from: Richard [Visitor]

1.) How does the perfective prefix "по-" change the meaning of this verb? Knowing Russian verbs of motion I have a feeling the answer won't be a simple one! :-)

2.) Just an observation. It looks like "путешествовать" comes from the noun "путь" meaning "path" or "way".

Don responds: Richard, the по- here simply adds the idea of ‘for a while.’ On this occasion there is no complex directional meeting.

BTW, good observation. Пут- does indeed mean path/way, and the root of the second part is шед- ‘go’, which we see in the past tense of идти, which is шёл. (The connection between ид-/шед-/ход- is actually quite interesting, but would take too much time to go into here.)
02/17/14 @ 08:21

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