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Comment from: Simo Vihinen [Visitor]
So these entries are nice, but I don't get why you have to go to such lengths to explain what a "slacker" is for instance. Is it not a blog for English-speakers? Instead would appreciate some background on the Russian word if possible or just more examples if there's actually interesting ones. Sometimes you also leave obvious secondary meanings out which means you're probably going to get comments pointing them out. Should you make a mention of there being more meanings that you haven't covered yet? Like with кисть or глухой.

Anyway I've learned some interesting words from the blog... Maybe you should focus on typically or idiomatically Russian words and concepts to keep it interesting. Like I didn't realize шоколадная картошка was a thing.

Всех благ!

Don responds: Hi, Simo. Although my original target audience for the blog was first- and second-year American students of Russian, it turns out quite a few Russians read it, too, so when a guest blogger offers a detailed explanation of an English word, I have no objection, knowing that the Russians may enjoy it. Plus we may find instances where our English readers differ over the meaning of words, which should also provoke interesting discussion.

The blog is mostly written in the spare moments that I and a few acquaintances have; some day we do hope to get to things like кисть and глухой. All the best, Don.
10/25/13 @ 06:20
Comment from: Clifton Bancroft [Visitor]
The suffix -ник creates a masculine noun, not a pronoun.
10/25/13 @ 17:39
Comment from: Doubleabsenty [Visitor] Email
Привет, Дон! Я очень рада, что блог снова работает!
Однако соглашусь с Simo Vihinen- новые посты про бездельника и глухих мне тоже читать совершенно неинтересно, хотя я русскоговорящий читатель. У меня возникло ощущение, что я просматриваю какие-то куцие пересказы статей из википедии на специально упрощенном английском. Как в плохих учебниках.
И не понимаю, как это соотносится с russian word of the day.
Не сочтите за грубость, Дон! Это просто мое субъективное мнение.
01/06/14 @ 15:45

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