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Comment from: Liz Wild [Visitor]
Two negative comments (which you don't have to publish!). I find this bloggers entries disapointing because they do not deal with the language but in general are simply observations that almost anyone could make.

Second, I think credit should be given for artwork such as appears in this post. I don't object to using someone else's Creation as long as it is properly acknowledged.

That said, always enjoy reading your entries. A great resource for a stifling student like myself!

Don responds: Hi, Liz. Negative comments are also welcome.

Occasionally I have guest bloggers, some of whom are just learning how to write about language. Sometimes the fledgling efforts are more successful than others. I'm just proud when a foreigner has the courage to make any comment about the Russian at all. Over the Spring 2014 semester I expect we will have more entries in the old vein. Those ones might be more to your taste.

Peace, joy and light to you, Don.
10/07/13 @ 10:33
Comment from: Simo Vihinen [Visitor]
The word емоция is used also.
10/17/13 @ 05:23
Comment from: Simo Vihinen [Visitor]
whoops... that's эмоция
10/17/13 @ 05:25

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