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Comment from: Mikhail [Visitor]
Funny thing - in your last example you didn't change masculine forms (созрел, его). In most slavic languages mozol has masculine gender indeed, in Russian use of masculine gender with it is considered dialect form and is used for comic effect (first thing to come to mind - scene from the 60's movie "Wedding in Malinovka")

Don responds: Sloppy of me. I had cut and pasted and adpated it from a source that discussed волдырь (masculine), and did do a proper edit. Thanks! The text is corrected.
07/10/12 @ 02:09
Comment from: Sergh [Visitor]
You missed л in dative and instrumental: мозоЛям, мозоЛью, мозоЛями

Don responds: Спасибо! Текст поправлен.
07/10/12 @ 03:17
Comment from: Mia Keith-Schwartz [Visitor]
When I was at field training, they would carefully inspect out feet for blisters every night. Troublesome, painful little things! This is very useful, thank you.
10/23/12 @ 11:56

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