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Comment from: Onno [Visitor]
коро́в should be also genitive plural, right? and not коровы as you wrote in the table?
Or do the verbs love and eat take a genitive object?

Don responds: Oops, got my "rowspan" attribute in the wrong place. Thanks! It's been fixed.
03/10/12 @ 01:11
Comment from: Clifton [Visitor]
In the Anthony Burgess novel 'A Clockwork Orange' the young punks use a lot of Russian language-based slang.

The story opens in the 'Korova Milk Bar', a kind of club which sells drug-laced milk drinks.
03/15/12 @ 22:30
Comment from: S. [Visitor]

"It declines like this." Once upon a time I lived in a country where this would never be said. At that time in that country I even learned Latin. This country is no more, but the expression would have been "It is declined like this." Or even, "It is declined thusly."

Yes, one can wax ad nauseam about the life of a language, but really, this rapid, thoughtless deterioration is why I would prefer to never speak English again.

Don responds: Ach, Oliphant, you make me smile!

I, too, have my linguistic pet peeves. Moi, I hate it when people use ‘disrespect’ as a verb or pronounce ‘realtor’ as ree-luh-ter. Or when people unnecessarily throw in French words.
01/23/13 @ 07:37

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