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Comment from: it-ogo [Visitor]
I feel like word "dull" does not work here in a proper way (as well as "depressing"). Its complex of meanings is too common and too obvious. It cuts off some dimensions. "Pale" would work better IMHO.
03/09/12 @ 01:42
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor] Email
Please check out another translation of this poem:

Night. Street. Lantern. Drugstore.
A meaningless and dim faint light.
Live on for twenty years or more
It will remain. There's no way out.

You'll die and start to live all over,
And things will be just as before:
A night, a channel's icy pother,
A street. A lantern. A drugstore.

Taken from here: http://jenny-tarkus.livejournal.com/40307.html

It has some flaws, but whatever)
08/15/12 @ 10:16

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