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Comment from: Вадим [Visitor]
With no present perfective, is there no simple way to say "I am falling in love with you"?

Don responds: None that I know of. Tomorrow we will discuss the verb влюбляться/влюбиться, which means ‘to fall in love’ as well, but even with that verb I think a Russian would more likely use a simple past perfective, i.e., ‘I have fallen in love with you.’ The perfective in Russian indicates a result already achieved. A switch in emotion is such a result. Now that I think about it, your question may inspire a part two to the discussion of that verb.
02/21/12 @ 08:08
Comment from: Shady_arc [Visitor]
Well,if you are really going for present, you may use "Похоже, я начинаю влюбляться" for "I guess, I'm falling in love with you", emphasizing the start of the process. Still, not the way a Russian is likely to word his/her ideas.
Though, it would be much easier if you undestoodd "полюбить" as "to come to love". "I'm coming to love you" doesn't sound that good in English, does it?
02/21/12 @ 16:00
Comment from: MMM [Visitor] Email
You can say "Я в тебя влюбляюсь".
02/07/14 @ 03:29

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