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Comment from: Kaz [Visitor] Email
There is a common mistake in the example "... Жду, не дождусь ...". If it is used in the meaning of being eager for something to happen, then the comma is not needed. Sure, punctuation rules say otherwise, but it is an idiom.

P.S. I hope you don't mind me messing with your old posts, posting comments and correcting mistakes.

Don responds: Kaz, thanks! I appreciate all constructive feedback. This blog is something I put together in a rush in spare moments. Anytime someone corrects a typo or punctuation I am very grateful. I don't mind people pointing out mistakes at all.
03/07/12 @ 20:02
Comment from: Kira [Visitor]
Hi Don! Your blog is very interesting and I appreciate your talent for explanation!
Hoewever here you did a mistake with the plural forms. There are: любови, любовей, любовям, любовями, о любовях.
I wish you good luck!

Don responds: Kira, thanks much for the comment. Oddly enough, all the standard references I can find so far leave the о out of the plural forms, so I'm sticking with that for now, but a quick Google search finds many examples as you have them, although of course the search also includes the plural of the woman's proper name Любовь, which makes the numbers difficult to interpret. This may be one of the places where dictionaries have fallen behind modern useage.
04/25/12 @ 10:27
Comment from: прохожий [Visitor]
Привет! я очень извиняюсь,что пишу не по-английски,но надеюсь,что автор блога меня поймет;)
В примере: "Мы с Таней поженились сорок лет назад, и она ещё моя любовь",- я бы написала, что "она всё еще моя любовь". "Всё еще" и "еще" несколько различаются по смыслу.
08/14/12 @ 21:46

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