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Comment from: Richard [Visitor]
What would the genitive plural form of "год" be if it does NOT follow a number? For example, if I wanted to refer to an indeterminate number of years.

Don responds: Keep an eye on upcoming entries for more of an answer to this. In the meantime just note that even indefinite quantity words like много, несколько, сколько and мало use лет.
01/27/12 @ 15:47
Comment from: Arseny [Visitor]
Let me to disagree. Genitive plural from год is not only лет but also годов - it's completely regular form. So you can use it as I do. E.g. сколько годов? Пять годов - it sounds like redneck's speech but I have never met anyone who says that's wrong.
01/28/12 @ 08:25
Comment from: Aleck [Visitor]
They were just polite, "сколько годов? пять годов" is absolutely incorrect. You should say "сколько лет? пять лет", but "один год, два-три-четыре года". Please take as it is, 'cuz Russian is my native language.
03/04/12 @ 22:11
Comment from: MMM [Visitor] Email
Говорят и "года" и "годы", но использование этих слов является ситуативным. Например, "летят года" или "все эти годы мы...".
02/07/14 @ 04:41

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