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Comment from: Shady_arc [Visitor]
This system has its reasons in the history of the language. The words for numbers like 5,6.10,11..20,30 behave as feminine nouns (you may even compare their declension pattern to the one of "дверь" or "кровать"), and in fact were such in the past.

In nominative or accusative phrases the word for the number takes command. The word for the object being counted becomes its subordinate, similar to how it happens in "a lot of cars", "an owner of cars". Thus the genitive case.
09/27/11 @ 14:34
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]
There are 3 different ending depending on last digit of number. That's drive software developers and translators really crazy.
Rule is pretty simple, look at last digit (10..19 are exceptions). There are tree groups:
0,5,6,7,8,9 (and 10 to 19)

1 машина
2, 3, 4 машины
0, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 машин
11 машин
15 машин
21 машина
23 машины
25 машин
30 машин
31 машина

10/03/11 @ 11:17

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