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Comment from: Shady_arc [Visitor]
Я люблю чай с сгущёнкой --> чай со сгущёнкой. That's what "со" exists for. I cannot recall the exact rule, but you may be pretty sure that whenever a noun starts with a consonant cluster beginning with С/З, the preposition used is "со".

Don responds: a good point. The rule is actually more complicated than that, and one finds that not all Russians agree when to use со vs. с. In fact the one that I ran that sentence by didn't bat at eyelash at «с сгущенкой». Still, «со сгущенкой» is vastly more common, and I have updated the entry to that effect. Thanks!
06/30/11 @ 06:58
Comment from: Yegor [Visitor]
Please note the label design of the Russian "Eagle Brand". Although there are many different producers, the pattern is always the same. Try to google some images for the keyword "сгущёнка" ;)
07/01/11 @ 03:03
Comment from: Dm [Visitor]
BTW Russian "сгущёнка" has a pure American pedigree, having been turned into a mass-culture phenomenon during WWII by the US food assistance / lend-lease

(special thanks to languagehat.com for linking here)
01/12/12 @ 09:35
Comment from: rendra wardhani [Visitor]
"сгущёнка" This is probably one of the best milk in Russia, I have not, in my country like this name Indomilk
05/21/13 @ 02:02
Comment from: MMM [Visitor] Email
Вот вполне приемлемая формулировка правила употребления предлогов с/со: "Предлог "со" фонетически закономерен перед словами, начинающимися с сочетаний [с, з, ш, ж] + согласная или с согласной [щ]: со ста, со славой, со звездой, со шкафа, со жгутом, со щами, со зверем, но с зайцем. Перед словами, начинающимися сочетанием "сс", употребляется предлог "с".
Также предлог "со" употребляется перед формами с начальными сочетаниями [л, ль, р, м] + согласная: со лба, со мной, со льдом, со ртом; также перед сочетаниями [в] + согласная: со вторника, со всеми, со второго."

Не советую вам так опираться на мнение носителей языка. Мы допускаем слишком много ошибок, о которых сами не знаем.

Don responds: Melodi, thanks for the comment! Your rule is generally good for foreigners.
02/08/14 @ 10:50

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