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Comment from: Lara [Visitor]
First of all... You are awsome. I read your blog every day since I don't remember when. In fact, this is my стартовая сртраница.
Now, I want to ask: It is correct "одевает ребенок" as you wrote, or "надевает ребенок" when I was little, I always used to say "одеваю свитер" but now, as a grown up, I find out that "on myself" is надевать, и одевать это "кого", ребёнка, например. I'm not sure about all this.
Again, You are the greatest. I'm deeply greatful for your existence.

Don responds: Oops, my bad. Slip of the tongue/pen/keyboard. Надевает is correct. The embarrassing thing is that I wrote on this very topic two years ago.

Actually, I suppose I can almost be proud of the error. When a foreigner makes the same errors as a Russian, it means he has made some progress in the language. I have a linguistically Russified Tatar in one of my classes who said the other day, "My brother and her went to the store." Of course, the correct thing to say is "my brother and she", but this is exactly the kind of mistake that native English speakers in the US make all the time. The other students didn't even notice because it sounded so natural. The anal-retentive teacher, however, corrected him...
04/12/11 @ 04:04
Comment from: Andrey [Visitor] · http://asiafilm.tv/
Well Don these are those kind of extremely annoying errors native Russian speakers make all the time. I can name some of those:

1. одевать/надевать
2. ться/тся (шься/шся)
3. выйграть, андройд, Тайланд (the last one is believed to be correct by some people)
04/13/11 @ 00:49
Comment from: Laura [Visitor]

I love your blog! Here is a mnemonic device someone made up to help remember when to use надевать/надеть as opposed to одевать/одеть:

Надеть одежду, одеть Надежду.
04/19/11 @ 10:37

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