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Comment from: paul [Visitor]
Hello Don,

and another small typo: я был ego коллегой

Interesting typo though, shows how the mind can make strange jumps from 'г' to 'g', which in a way seems logical, but using 2 alphabets within one word. Out of curiosity I tried to do this on my keyboard (MAC + Cyrillic stickers) and I had to "switch keyboards" to do this. So now I wonder of course how you managed.


Don responds: The Russian keyboard I use is homophonic, that is Russian е is on the same key as English е, Russian г on the same key as English г, etc. So I mistakenly typed the whole word in English when re-editing the post. (I had originally written «ему коллегой», which I think would have been entirely understandable, but его is better.)
01/05/11 @ 00:59
Comment from: Paul [Visitor] Email
Don, thank you very much for that information! Imagine how silly I feel to find out about homophonic keyboards only after about 1 year of self study. I just installed it on my Mac, using the instructions on (your!) website. Typing speed in Russian has increased tremendously. I also have a French and German keyboard layout on my computer, which I managed to memorize, but the normal Russian keyboard I find very hard to use.
Технологический прорыв для меня :) Спасибо!
01/06/11 @ 01:03

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