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Comment from: Edgar [Visitor]
Also, for those of us who have had Russian girlfriends, or boyfriends, the word means to "caress" to touch with a feeling of love. Am I correct?

Don responds: Yup, гладить/погладить (not выглядить) means “to caress/stroke”, and in regards to animals it is sometimes translated as “to pet'”.
12/22/10 @ 07:24
Comment from: Shady_arc [Visitor]
Strangely, even though "выгладить" is the form found in the dictionary as a perfective counterpart for "гладить", I only use "погладить" for that purpose, which is listed as another variant. Though, "выгладить" means specifically "to iron", while "погладить" also means "to stroke".
12/22/10 @ 13:04

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