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Comment from: Timo [Visitor]
And how about an expression something like
"child of Satan" or
'child of the devil' or
'child of evil' or
'child of the snake'.

Anything something like those in Russian?

Don responds: None that I know of. There is a phrase «чёртовая мать» which is a potent curse.
10/11/10 @ 09:34
Comment from: Alexiel [Visitor]
"child of Satan
'child of the devil'
'child of evil'
'child of the snake'"
child of Satan+child of the devil = чертов ребенок
child of evil = дитя зла
child of the snake = we don't need this "phrase"
we have "мат" - and "сука" is the one word from it.
10/13/10 @ 00:29
child of Devil - (кто-то) от дьявола, дьявольское дитя
Пример: Скажу тебе, этот человек от дьявола. Избавься от него.

Child of Satan - дитя Сатаны.
Пример: Дитя Сатаны - вот ты кто такой!
Child of snake - змеюка, змеинный выродок
Пример: Этот змеиный выродок всю жизнь мне испортил. Эта змеюка отбила у меня парня.
01/22/11 @ 09:43
child of devil = чертов ребенок is also good
01/22/11 @ 09:45
Comment from: Olga [Visitor]
"child of the snake" has even a better translation, such as "змееныш"
01/22/11 @ 18:30
Comment from: Olga [Visitor]
child of the Devil could be translated as дъяволенОК
child of the Satan - сатаненОК
child of evil - чертенОК
01/22/11 @ 19:46
Comment from: David Emerling [Visitor]
What would be a common expression a Russian must blurt out if he accidentally hit his thumb while hammering a nail. In English, we might say, "Son of a bitch!"

Don responds: One of my 20-year old Russian acquaintances says that Russians would also say «Сукин ты сын!» in that context. Myself, I'm a bit skeptical. Perhaps some other Russians might chime in?
06/03/11 @ 11:27

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