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Comment from: Christopher Stone [Visitor] Email
In my second edition of Katzner's dictionary, they list "fish cakes" rather than "fish patties", which seems like a more common use of the same concept--certainly, Seattle had its fair share of fish and crab cakes :)
09/14/10 @ 00:56
Comment from: Jay Slater [Visitor] · http://many-words.com
Chalk it up to regional differences. I'm from the northeastern US, and I've had salmon patties--ground salmon, in patty shape--more times than I can count.

I've also occasionally heard 'patty' used for a fish filet, if we're intending to use the filet on a sandwich.
09/14/10 @ 09:36
Comment from: Alexiel [Visitor]
It's not only of ground meat. If you want to cook a patties, you should take ground meat and white bread mix them.
09/14/10 @ 23:08
I'm with Jay. I'm from the midwest and fish patty is a perfectly legitimate phrase. Although I know McDonald's sells a "Fillet-O-Fish" sandwich, I'd refer to it as a fish patty rather than a filet probably. Filet is something that you do to a fish, or possibly eat on its own, not something you put on a sandwich.
09/17/10 @ 09:57

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