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Comment from: gamelton [Visitor] Email · http://gamelton.wordpress.com/
I've noticed a couple of inaccuracies:

"Милиционер остановил Пашу с Андрюшей..."
The policeman stopped PASHA (not Pytor) and Andrei."

"Моя сестра постоянно болтает об Анжелине с Брэдом."
"My sister constantly chatters about Angelina and Brad."

This sentence has two meanings - the first you translated correctly and the second, which I'd rephrase as "Моя сестра постоянно болтает с Брэдом об Анжелине." to sound more clear. This time it means "My sister constantly chatters with Brad about Angelina."

Anyway, I like you blog - keep writing!

Don responds: Thanks! The text has been corrected. This is the second time in the blog I have thought "Petya" and written "Pasha."
08/05/10 @ 02:40

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