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Comment from: Shady_Arc [Visitor]
"Надо сразу же" --> sounds as if you wanted to say "right after something happens, you need to do SMTH immediately" (= you are talking about the future rather than about something that you have to do right now).

It seems "сразу же" works well for past situations ("SMTH happend and then I DID smth right away") or hypothetical situations ("DO smth as soon as SMTH happens"). Or for habitual actions ("I always do B right after A happens").
Not so well in case a nuisance had already happened and no action has been taken yet. Probably that's because "сразу же" have already passed and you missed your opportunity to take immediate action.

I would use "сейчас же" (right away/right now) or "быстрее", "скорее" (quickly).

Don responds: Agreed. «Сейчас же» is better. The entry has been updated.
06/28/10 @ 07:57

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