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Comment from: Shady_arc [Visitor]
Я всунул карту в банкомат --> "вставил". "Засунул" and "всунул" are also possible, but they are clearly colloquial in this context("I stuck my card into the machine"). Probably, it is because in the sentence you use as an example, you really mean "insert" or something like this. There is a certain slot for your card, and you easily put a card inside with precise movements.

Я держу счёт в Сберанке России, и так я пользуюсь только его банкоматами.== Sberbank Rossii holds my account, so I use only their bank machines. --> The sentences are not equivalent, actually. "So" as a conjunction is "поэтому". Or maybe "так что" (the meaning is the same, i.e. "so", connecting the cause and the effect):
"Я держу счёт в Сбербанке России, (и) поэтому пользуюсь только его банкоматами."
or you may just put two sentences together using "and", as the logical connection is pretty obvious:
"Я держу счёт в Сбербанке России, и пользуюсь только его банкоматами."

"и так" is far from being a handy expression. Of course, given that I am a native speaker, I can make up a sentence with these two words. Or maybe even two. It's going to take some time, though. I mean, it is nothing more than "and" + "so" ("in this manner") put together.

Don responds: Embarrassing. That use of «и так» is an error I am prone to make. Now is the time for me to finally get it right. The text has been corrected.
06/24/10 @ 09:37
Comment from: Muireann [Visitor]
I'm intrigued by the 'его' in the phrase 'я пользуюсь только его банкоматами' - if one translated the phrase directly from normal English usage, that would be 'их' (I only use their ATMs). Is this a misprint, or do Russians habitually use 'its' in preference to 'their' when talking about impersonal agglomerations?

Don responds: Right off the bat I can't think of any context where их is used with a singular antecedent. For the moment I'd give this rule of thumb: If you can identify the antecedent, the possessive pronoun agrees with it in number and gender. In the case of the sentence you mentioned, the antecedent is Сбербанк, clearly masculine singular, hence его is used.
06/24/10 @ 14:05
Comment from: Sergey [Visitor]
По-моему "... я пользуюсь только его банкоматами" звучит абсолютно нормально.

"... Я пользуюсь только их банкоматами" - тоже нормально, но я бы, пожалуй, так не сказал.

Дон, как всегда, супер-мега-убер-интересные посты! :-) Читаю с удовольствием.
06/25/10 @ 05:47

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