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Comment from: Andrey [Visitor] · http://turnichok.ru
Хрущев, according to that urban legend, pounded not a table but по трибуне :) You can see that on the photo, although it's a fake.

Don responds: Good point about the podium/table distinction.

For discussion of the incident, see the Wikipedia article and also the July 26, 2003 New York Times article. The NYT article is interesting. It states that Khrushchev's interpreter, Viktor Sukhodrev, confirms the incident. If this is correct, I'm inclined to think that it actually took place. There was a Nixon-Kennedy presidential debate shortly afterwards in which Nixon mentions pounding on the "table" (should be "podium") and waving a shoe (see Youtube video around time index 2:50). Though the video proves nothing about the incident itself, it certainly shows how fresh it was in the American mind.
06/23/10 @ 03:45

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