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Comment from: Andrey [Visitor] · http://chinafilm.tv
There is another word for cloud: туча. It is used only when describing ugly clouds such as storm cloud or thundercloud. Besides, it can be used to describe a whole bunch of things, for example "У меня сегодня туча дел", "Там была огромная туча народу". It's a kind of replacement word for куча.
06/11/10 @ 03:11
Comment from: Timo [Visitor]
Do Russians have tongue twisters? Looks like a tongue twister could be made from облако and яблоко. Any others?

Don responds: You bet. The first two that come to mind are:

Карл украл у Клары кораллы, а Клара украла у Карла кларнет.


Шла Саша по шоссе и сосала сушку.

Do the obvious Google search for more.
06/11/10 @ 14:00

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