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Comment from: Shady_arc [Visitor]
Нет, никак. --> I'm sure "никак" isn't used like this ("no way!"). It is quite hard to think of a context for such response ("Нет, никак"). Probably, some question about the possible method of accompishing something... Like
"Can we somehow move that truck a bit" "Um, no, there's no way".

(- Мы можем как-то подвинуть этот грузовик?
- Нет, никак.)

You can use "Ни за что" or "Ни в коем случае". Or "Нет уж"/ "Ну уж нет".

Неужели ты хочешь, чтобы все соседи думали, что ты легкомысленная? --> "легкомысленная" is OK, but looks more like a translation from some other language ("Do you want for everyone to think you are a frivolous person?") than a real dialogue. Probably too bookish an expression for a heated argument between a father and a daughter. Still, I cannot suggest a way to call her a whore without actually saying it.

Don responds: Согласен. Текст поправлен.
05/24/10 @ 02:44

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