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Comment from: Max [Visitor]
Hello Don,

I just've checked your search results. My results seem to be inconsistent with yours. For example for the word 'церквях' google.com have 196 000 and google.ru have 198 000, while for the word 'цервках' they have 179 000/182 000.
I must notice that in common life the soft forms are also dominating.

04/02/10 @ 00:40
Comment from: Andrey [Visitor] · http://chinafilm.tv/
"Церквяx", "церквям" is used much more than those variants with "а". I can explain your google results too: if you look closely at the search results you can find that many of those are in Ukrainian, not Russian (in my case it's 3 of 10 on the first page of search results). In Ukrainian, "церквах" is the only correct variant.

Plus, "церквы", "церквах" has a slightly ye olde orthodox flavor, so you can rather find it on written internet pages which gives you some more hits. But usually we say "церкви", "церквях", "церквям".
04/02/10 @ 00:59
Comment from: Andrey [Visitor] · http://chinafilm.tv/
Just noticed that it has even 4 of 10 results in Ukrainian :)

I've made a screenshot with Ukrainian results selected:


04/02/10 @ 01:05

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