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Comment from: Andrey [Visitor] · http://chinafilm.tv/
Another interesting thing about this is how we pronounce that "H". We say "аш". Not "ха", not "хэ", not "эйч". The same goes for carbon sign "C" - it's "цэ", not "си" or "эс".

Water - H20 - аш-два-о
Methane - CH4 - цэ-аш-четыре
Ethyl alcohol - C2H5OH - цэ-два аш-пять о-аш
Sylphic acid H2SO4 - аш-два эс-о-четыре
03/29/10 @ 05:51
Comment from: Tim [Visitor]
So if водород gives birth to вода, then углерод gives birth to ... corners? I tried to find what the corresponding root would be for carbon, but wasn't sure.

Don responds: Уголь = coal. Neat, huh?
03/29/10 @ 20:19
Comment from: Tim [Visitor]
Oh, of course! Neat. :)
03/30/10 @ 18:53
Comment from: Ilya Lozovsky [Visitor]
And of course, кислород for oxygen functions the same way. Кисло = bitter or acidic; ὀξύς (oxys )means sharp or acidic too.
07/19/10 @ 18:23

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