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Comment from: Bryan [Visitor]
This is precisely why I love this site. I mean, I like it for many, many reasons, but I love it for things like this. Nowhere in any textbook have I seen even a mention of this little irregularity.
02/16/10 @ 08:10
Comment from: Edgar [Visitor]
Thanks, Don. I wasn't sure about "te" because in rapid, conversational speech tebye oftentimes shortens to te. I still think of Nina's aunt to this day. Cripes, she didn't stop cooking all kinds of treats for me during the whole time and then come to me, saying "na"-How could I ever forget.
02/16/10 @ 10:49
Comment from: vio [Visitor]
Can add, that "нате", since it's plural, is more polite word. you can achieve politeness with "на" only using strong intonation
02/17/10 @ 09:18
Comment from: Elise [Visitor]
This is so crazy - I was just telling a friend about a situation I was in recently where a friend's daughter said "нате" to me. I had trouble understanding her baby-talk Russian anyway and later asked a colleague. She said "It's the same as when I give you something and I say 'на'. The little girl didn't know you, so she said 'нате.'" Then I checked this website and Вот! Объяснение.
02/21/10 @ 13:18

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