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Comment from: Tim [Visitor]
In addition to what you've said, as far as I know, иметь applies more to the abstract. Such as "иметь право."

Although I guess it's an imperfect rule, because you could also say у меня есть склонность к, or "I have a tendency/affinity/predisposition to."

Not sure what to make of it.
02/02/10 @ 01:19
Comment from: Ivan Skalauh [Visitor] · http://skal.ru
Also, nowadays the word "иметь" can be translated as "to have sex with". While "Вы имеете машину?" is a correct sentence, a Russian wouldn't use it as it sounds like "Do you have sex with a car?"

But regarding immaterial objects, the word is widely used (иметь возможность, иметь значение и т.п.)
03/01/10 @ 03:17
Comment from: Tim Perrin [Visitor]
Иметь место also means "to take place".
06/03/10 @ 02:45

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