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Comment from: vio [Visitor]
Actually, you can say it in both ways - with and without "перед". But if the question is for example
— Мы встретились перед памятником Пушкину.
— Где? (or, even Где-где?)
— Перед памятником Пушкину.
then, "перед" is obligatory.

Don responds: Just so that beginners don't get confused, I should point out that in that example if you say где, then you must not use перед before it, but if you use чем, then you must use перед.
01/18/10 @ 04:26
Comment from: SergeyT [Visitor]
To practice writing: instead of the symbol "ч" in informal conversations MSN, ICQ or sending an SMS, we (Russian speaking) often use the symbol "4" (because the number "4" = "четыре"). For example: - 4то сей4ас делаешь?("what are doing now?") - 4итаю новости. ("I read news")
Don responds: I have had a different interpretation of why 4 is used for ч. In some styles of writing, such as the postal code portion of Russian envelopes, the number four is written without the side bars coming to a point.
Example: Picture of lock style numeral four
Your interpretation also makes a lot of sense.
01/18/10 @ 13:36

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