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Comment from: Pavel [Visitor] · http://dumanoid.ru
One more meaning of "ходить" (not generic, it's a slang word among teenagers) is "to have relationships".
For example, when some teen says that somebody is "walking" with somebody - it's a description of more or less intimate relationships. Almost like boyfriend/girlfriend.
- "А какие отношения у Кати с Петей?"
- "Она с ним ходит"
However, it's not very common to say something like this:
- "А какие отношения у Кати и Пети?"
- "Они ходят".
This meaining of "ходит" as "has friendship relationships" was born because of one reason: a huge deficit of places where teens could spend quality time together in 80s (clubs, bars, parks, etc), so, they spent time usually having walk, sometimes for a few hours. This is also a reason why this slang word is not applicable to adults.
11/30/09 @ 01:54
Comment from: Andrey [Visitor] Email · http://chinafilm.tv/
"Лишь" from the first example sounds odd, it's a kind of an obsolete word and we don't use it in everyday spoken language. I would rather use "всего" in place of "лишь".
11/30/09 @ 03:26
Comment from: LV [Visitor]
In response to Pavel: if I'm not mistaken, "to go with" in English can also mean "to date". This is certainly true in German ("mit jemandem gehen", literally "to go/walk with somebody"). In German I wouldn't classify it as slang, but it certainly belongs to the colloquial register.
12/01/09 @ 08:04
Comment from: vio [Visitor]
or "всего-лишь" instead of "лишь".

also, it's proper to use ходить when you talking about ships or submarines - seamans insists to use it instead of "swim"
В нашу гавань заходили корабли.
Он ушёл в море.
in last sentence we assuming that he's not just walked on water like Jesus, but instead - "he sailed" (or what's the better translation to it) no matter on ship or boat.
12/01/09 @ 11:44
Comment from: Konstantin [Visitor]
The clock (часы) in Russian also "ходят" (since it always plural) and a good ones have "хороший ход". Even more, the traditional Russian wall clock with cuckoo is called "ходики", i.e. "walkers".
12/06/09 @ 05:41

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