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Comment from: Paul Baxter [Visitor]
I don't have any idea how widespread this is, but when I was in L'viv in the summer several years back we saw dozens of cars driving around town with very large ribbons attached to them. We were told these were people who were having their weddings. Our friends also told us that weddings are MUCH more common in the summer since food is cheaper then.
10/22/09 @ 07:59
Comment from: Loki [Visitor]
And it's bloody annoying. Drivers are often drunk. Driving around near them is an exercise is awareness. They block whole streets and the people wander across the road drunkenly without looking at the traffic.

I appreciate it is their special day, but their behavior really annoys me.

And of course, the road police will never interfere with this regardless of what they are doing.
11/30/09 @ 05:24

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