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Comment from: JRH [Visitor] Email
I don't understand the reference to only 'four verbs in Russian that have a reflexive imperfective and a non-reflexive perfective'
What about

переписываться - переписать
совещаться - советовать
уменьшаться - уменьшить

to name a few

Don responds: Interesting question. In the case of the first verb you mention, it turns out that переписываться is not the imperfective of переписать. They are two separate verbs: the first belongs to verb pair переписываться-переписаться, and the second to the verb pair переписывать-переписать. The former means “to correspond (e.g. by mail),” and the latter means “to rewrite (something).” Actually both verbs have multiple meanings, but that will have to do for starters. As to the other verbs, their pairs are:

рассматриваться-(no perfective)

The general rule in Russian is that if a verb is reflexive in either the imperfective or perfective, it's aspectual partner is also reflexive. For that reason садиться/сесть is interesting because it is one of the very few verbs outside of that generalization.
05/06/09 @ 05:28
Comment from: Kira [Visitor] · http://myladycat.ru/
Какой сложный русский язык оказывается, однако... ;))
05/07/09 @ 07:01
Comment from: Dmitry [Visitor]
Говорят еще - дети сели мне на шею и ножки свесили. Это в смысле - совсем совесть потеряли, не слушаются :)

Да, язык ужасно сложный :) сам с ошибками постоянно пишу :) и говорю :)
11/29/09 @ 08:09

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