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Comment from: Maryaska [Visitor]
Hi! Actually I got to this site by searching "places to windsurf", but anyway :)

In the last sentence there should be "Боря, псина ты идиотская" instead of "Боря, псина ты идиотский", since "идиотская" is a description of "псина", but not Boris.
Don responds: псина (when used as a general term of abuse) is a word that has been shifting in Russian for some time. Previously it was what we call a “common gender noun,” one which takes masculine adjectives when referring to a man, and feminine adjectives when referring to a woman. That use of псина is documented in references like gramota.ru:
ПСИНА² м. и ж. разг.-сниж.

1. Пёс, собака (обычно большие).
2. перен. Тот, кто вызывает негодование, заслуживает презрение своим поведением, поступками. // Употр. как бранное слово (обычно по отношению к мужчине).

There are some native speakers of Russian for whom «псина ты идиотский» sounds fine when dissing a man. Native speakers under, say, forty years of age pretty well all prefer the feminine form even when dissing a man.
04/04/09 @ 03:13
Comment from: Tanya [Member] Email
From a native Russian speaker: it is PERFECTLY fine to say as was b4: "Боря, псина ты идиотский"… some natives love — медoм не корми, — go rounds and rounds arguing abt minuscule details, which in the end can be reputed still by other educated native speakers as possible variations… in the case of antecedent of "псина" it is absolutely possible to say it this way in the colloquial manner (btw, this word is never used in the upper-echelon register of the language, which is always delivered more carefully by comparison with the colloquial one)… it is similar to the case of "надеть" и "одеть": what is not grammatically possible is said anyway, with the agrammatical form taking precedence over grammatical one…

So, as a native speaker, I state this to say "псина ты идиотский", — even though might not be canonically perfect, very likely and possible, and I'll even say it sometime out loud in the conversation, and if someone'll go into linguistic discussion abt it, so be it!
04/05/09 @ 20:27
Comment from: Natalie [Visitor]
Если позволите, небольшая поправка:
в России крайне редко говорят "Суп из псины".
Чаще говорят "Суп из сабочатины".
03/04/10 @ 11:37

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