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Comment from: Жана [Visitor]
Very interesting- and it's funny that you say "out loud" about Obama II, because as far as I've noticed, most Americans will ignore it, lest they sound pretentious. Or maybe that's just me ;)

Don responds: Interesting. I've never thought about that, but you're right. If the name ends in "Jr" we are comfortable saying "junior" out loud, but when we see "II" perhaps we aren't so sure if we are supposed to say "two" (which I have heard) or "the second" (which I have also heard). I also wonder if the fact that the name isn't of English provenance makes the junior/second/third enumeration sound odd to us. "John Owens, Jr" sounds normal. "Martin Luther King, Jr" sounds normal. But something like "Nabil Khouri, Jr" or "Helmut von Lilienfield, Jr" has an odd ring to it. It's perfectly good language, of course, it just sounds a little funny.
02/23/09 @ 22:57

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