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Comment from: Jenny [Visitor]
Вопрос - какая разница между вареники and пирожки? And here in the States, you can buy a product called pirogie, which are pretty much like вареники, although the пироги I ate in Russia were a meat filed fried (I think) bread-pocket. All yummy, though.
10/14/08 @ 09:29
Comment from: Vladimir [Visitor]
Pierogi is a Polish word for the Ukrainian word 'вареники'. Пироги or пиріжки in Ukrainian and пироги or пирожки in Russian are pies (baked or fried) filled with meat, potato, mushrooms, cabbage, cottage cheese... the list goes on.
03/09/09 @ 16:26
Comment from: Boris Birch [Visitor]
варить -- to boil (ie. dumpling)
пирог -- North American pie
пирожок, пирожки -- small pie[s], turnover[s]
12/11/12 @ 09:47

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