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Comment from: Olga [Visitor]
lol lol! omg this is great! I absolutely love learning about these funny things from other countries.. oddly enough I know we offer something like that here, called chasers i think?
10/13/08 @ 07:02
Comment from: Kyle [Visitor]
How would you translate that little slogan at the top of the box?
10/13/08 @ 11:13
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor]
Philosophy of a good life? Or what is the idiom here?
10/14/08 @ 09:20
Comment from: Vladimir [Visitor]
Philosophy of a healthy lifestyle
03/09/09 @ 15:59
Comment from: Eugene Azarenko [Visitor]
"The guy's spelling suggests he was actually writing with a hangover «он писал с похмелья». I thought he was making up the Антипохмелин, but apparently it's a real product". You are not quiet correct. This awkward spelling is some kind of slang (among Russian young Internet users), called "Olbanian" language (not Albanian). Popularity of this "language" is permanently decreasing though you can find it, surfing Russian sites.
12/03/09 @ 02:19

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